Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Biggest Elvis

Today I woke up, but I didn't feel as though I had woken up, I was probably more tired than when I went to sleep. I have never been truly truly behind on work to the extent that I don't physically know if I will be able to catch up. . .however right now I am that behind! I'm worried and I can't concentrate. I'm at that place where I have been trying to have a social life and still do work and other stuff that needs to get done, but I haven't done any of the stuff that really needs to get done. I was up until a stupid time last night trying to work but just looking at photos and listening to music but not allowing myself to go to bed until I had done some work, and a piece of work that should have taken half an hour took me forever because I just really couldn't concentrate. Its got to the point where I’m sooo behind that I can't see the end and at the moment it seems that I’ve just given up.
To top it off its Christmas and I'm really poor, after deciding to travel and buying tickets for over £1000 I have found saving money for said travelling a lot harder than I would of liked. It needs to be easy as I have the tickets, there is no going back now. . . I shall just have to sell my car. . ..
bad bad times.
I am meant to be going rock climbing with a good friend tonight I have had to cancel, I don't know what rock climbing is like, I would have liked to go, but I can't justify the time and the money as neither of these things I have. I am nervous about the weekend, I need to spend all my time in the library and I know I’ll end up going out and sleeping all day and wasting my time and feeling crappy about it. I need to get motivated. . .can I have some of that please?
I have started to write a piece of literature towards my next assignment, its about amsterdam. I read an extract from the book “The Biggest Elvis” all about a town named Olognamo - I think thats what is it, its probably a made up place. However its fantastic, and I based the writing did on this style. I think its terrible but thats because The Biggest Elvis was so good.
I went to Birmingham at the weekend, Joe and I walked round the German market, it was everso Christmasy and the mulled wine was overly-alcoholic! There is one in Colchester tonight, they have fake snow machines and music and everything, its in the castle park, I would love to go! - I can't.
I hope that things get better else I may moan so much my keyboard breaks!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


So its just been a real hectic type of week really.

I have been into work every day which is good. .. but on Tuesday the snow was really bad so i asked to go home in the light, bear in mind it takes me a good forty minutes on a good day to drive home. I was told i wasn't allowed, like a school child. It was really poor show i felt.

Anyway, i woke up this morning with a text from my Dad telling me to definitely stay in. . .don't even try to leave. I look out my window and we are definitely under snow!! Bad times.

So naturally i think. . yeah i need the money I'll probably go in anyway. However several traffic and weather warnings on the local news meant i thought better of it. I'm glad i did. A girl i know from Ipswich made the same journey as me, it took her an hour and half just to get off the slip road. .. bad times.

I came into town though, i couldn't bear to sit at home all day and not do anything i'd go mad. I took some photos on the way, i thought " yeah I'll definitely get some really nice pictures in the snow" however, they are all just. .. white. . .so not that great. I thought about going to the beach, its not far and one thing i have never seen is the beach covered in snow. But i kind of thought. .. its not a necessary journey. . .so probably wise not to do that seeing as its still snowing. I also thought, i would drive there. . .and get stuck, or the snow woudn't of settled on the sand! That's what i want to see, snowy sand. . .amazing!

Anyway so yeah i'm at the library y'no trying to work. . .but instead i'm on the computer. . .umm very good of me! I'm just unmotivated to work y'no.

I did start writting a story about like. . .a girl and some snow, its pretty much as far as its got, she needs a lift somewhere! Yeah the story line isn't good yet. Perhaps it will be.

I have a headache.