Thursday, 16 June 2011

So its come around

Well my to do list is definitely a lot shorter. So it should be considering I fly out on Tuesday!! I know right? I can't believe it either.

So it was my last day at my job last Friday, my last day in that place I had become so comfortable with and i'm already worrying about what I'm going to do when i get back! Its been completely weird not working, i havn't got board yet, and to be honest i could get used to this not working business, y'no if i had money. :)

So this week is the last week to do, just y'no anything. Angel and I spent the whole day in Starbucks yesterday and then played on the arcades at Felixstowe beach for the last time in four months, it was emotional.

And yes, thats how poor we are, trying to get money out of one of those unopening pots with a knife.. . .it does work, good trick! I'll miss that girl.

So i can't believe how much i am going to miss. Like my mothers birthday. The English coast line, i mean i know we will be in the Australia and New Zealand and who knows the coast better than that? But theres something about the English coast line, y'no. . . .its just home.

Like this Pinjatas that look at me every time i have been to asda for the last nine months. . . .every time i go i take a picture. . .i should probably buy one but i don't like the fact you have to fill them yourself. 

Wearing stacks of jewellery, i'm pretty sure i can't justify packing loads of it. . . 

Long train journeys with my Kindle. . . i'm guessing the flight may make up for a lack of this. 

The Jack Wills catalogue. . it turned up on my door about three weeks ago and i have looked longingly every day.

So we're doing a Skegness trip before i leave. . .and then thats it, i'm gone. I'm going to try and update my blog with pictures and stuff of what we're doing but i'm not making any promises. So if you don't hear from me for a while. . . well thats why and i'll sure be back.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

So its been a while

Its been a while.

Well life has sure caught up with me.

Remember that list i was working through. . . its getting smaller. . .but its still pretty big. Are you ready? I know i'm not.

Yup that final assignment still needs completeing. Its in for Thursday and I still have to write a commentary and decide on my final peices. Wish me luck!!

So with all of that, which isn't as easy as the list makes it look, I have been trying to live my life, as a poor person trying to save every last penny. Notice this train journey trying to figure out if we had enough money for a drink. (We did! It was the happiest day)

Angel and had a day off work together, which NEVER happens, we had a gig to go to but decided to make the most of the day, we sure did.

We drank starbucks. . .twice, its always the dream.

We went to Christchurch mansion, which is the free stately home in our local park. We had been round stacks of time before but to our surprise the ballet is coming to town and they had a bunch of old costumes from the ballet of Beatrix Potter all set up around the mansion.

At first it was shock, but there were so many of them we got kinda used to it, and after a while we couldn't imagine the 16th century without Peter rabbit.

We drove up to London to the o2 arena, which is better than it was when it was the millenium dome. We watched our favourite band of all time - Rush - If you havn't already heard go listen to our trio of ledgends, they will change your life with their super awsome talent.

Yes that is a light up flashing sign telling us where to park

and yes we were that far back, there were fireworks, there was smoke, and fire, and bangs and . . .  Time Machines.

Well it was the Time Machine Tour after all. 


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My Alice Book

So i brought this book a while ago from a charity shop. . . it was amazing. I feel bad about drawing in it every time i do. . .but i can't help myself, the book is about three times the thickness it was when i brought it.

Lately i have been using water colours

And pencils (have you seen this film? Its beautiful!)

And pen and masking tape.

And acrylics 

:) :)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Yes Please . . .

So its my Birthday next week and i thought it only fitting to list a few things that i would like. . .however, i will probably not get any of these things seeing as i'm going on my crazy travelling times. . people will be giving me money. This never happens!

One of these amazon Kindle things. . . I want to take it with me. Did you know if you get the 3G version you can read your emails all over the world for free?? Wow!! This is what i need, oh and for books aswell. Of course. :)

Every single series, i'm so addicted right now. . .

One of these little gems, i could make fancy photographs with minimum skill. . .brilliant! :)

I've wanted one since last winter. . .oh and the winter before. . .and the one before!

Everything that superdry have ever made. . .ever.

The end! :)

I could probably think of more stuff, but with risk of sounding greedy i'll stop. 

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thursday Thursday

So. . .living with Angel. . .well its messy. I'm messy, she is messy, we're both messy. So yeah its normally messy. 
Yesterday i came home from work to Angel sitting in this beautiful spot in the living room, surrounded by a completely spotless room.

Wow, those bay windows. :)

(and yes that is my grubby car in the background!)

It made me notice things even more, like a chair that we had rescued from someones front garden when it looked like this.

(yes that is me. . .and yes that is a glass of wine, whist walking down the road with a chair. . .don't judge me)

It now looks like this. It wasn't a quick job, spraying an old decaying wicker chair red. . .well it took several base coats, and several red coats, and even then on the underside it looks a bit patchy.

(you can see its slowly falling apart at the bottom, one day i'll sit on it and it will break. . . but until that day i love it!)

Even the tree was free of dead leaves.

And these shells free of dust. 

What a good day! :)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wordless Wednesday

So i've been away. Well I haven't been away really, but i have had time off and i have been swanning around London, and Birmingham eating in Jamie Olivers restaurant and watching Dallas Green at the Royal Albert hall. Plus loads more exciting stuff. But i'll fill you in on a day when i'm not so stressed.

Yeah, its May!! Wowee, my Birthday month, another year older, but also i have. . .well, not that much to do but what feels like 101 things to do between now and the end of the month.

Wish me luck. .. double luck with the first two please!! Oh and that last one. . .thats pretty important too.