Monday, 28 February 2011


So this weekend has been magical.

After a stress filled week of moving house, being away at the stitches show in Birmingham and trying desperately to finish my poetry work for Uni Joe came down to see me and we did nothing . . . pretty much nothing.

But we did go and eat over priced pasta. . .I loved it.

We did this . . .

We explored these woods

We put signs in hobbits houses

He climbed trees

. . . and couldn't get down

We walked out. . . 

. . .and then in rained and hailed. . .yes that is a puddle.

It was magic.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


It has definitely been one of those weeks. . .or more like one of those months.
Nest moved out last at the weekend, and I spent it out and about trying to busy myself and not think about it, it was the loss of a friend, and company and just someone to talk to. . .and when I arrived home after the weekend to an empty house it was really sad. Really sad! So I was upset and miserable.
However amongst all the crap I've had fun. Someone I work with got married at the weekend, and although it was on a Friday and we were all working we went afterwards to wish them all congratulations and it was beautiful, and the bride looked beautiful and the room was lovely, and all my work friends were drinking as I drove and it was funny and we danced and we ate buffet food until we felt sick, it was good. Also the weekend before . . . or maybe the weekend before, everything merges into one I drove up to Birmingham to visit Joe, we drove out to Liverpool, (I had never been) we walked around Ellesmere port, and I brought a dress reduced to £15 – it was designer and it was £15!! I know! I wanted to go to the seaside, that’s what I love about where I’m from, you're only ever ten minutes away from the sea, but in Birmingham which is right in the centre of the country. . .well it felt ever so landlocked, and I’m just not used to that. So we drove to Blackpool which Joe told me was close. . .it wasn't close and it took a long time and it was dark when we arrived. But it was fantastic. It was a ghost town, and it was freezing and we walked on the beach, and we went into the arcades and I won! (I didn't win) We ate fish and chips and got cold, and we drove back and stopped in services on the way home. I want to go back there.
So I’m busy busy these days, I'm trying to do a poetry assignment and I'm no good at poems, and I’m also trying to pack up my house. . . I’m moving in with my friend, better that than be alone.

Friday, 4 February 2011


This is my little blog post for One World One Heart. - Link below!

So for those of you who have never been to my little blog world before I'm Dani, i'm from sunny east Anglia in England, it rains all the time and its by the sea. But I like the sea, and i don't mind the rain. . .so its not half bad.

I just do a bunch of painting and bits and pieces, loads of scrappy stuff. . .art journal type things, i have hundreds but then i start one and never ever finish it. I like to paint over things again and again, texture texture texture!! I like mixing sand in with acrylics and oils and getting a super clumping finish, i just like being messy really. . .but i can paint "realistic" too. . .kinda!! 

I don't sell any of my work, maybe one day i will, but if you are interested hit the painting at the bottom of the page, it takes you to my art page which has a bunch of photography (i like taking photos, they're not always good) aswell as a whole range of painting stuff.

I work full time and i'm also doing a degree in English literature, i love reading and writing stories and writing really. . . main reason i started this! So i don't have much time for the crafty side of life, maybe one day it will be my full time job. . .here's to hoping. 

Anyway, i'm giving away something different, its a silk painting i did a year or so ago. . .and unfortunately it sits around looking silky but it just doesn't fit in my house! Someone else might like it more (imagine the colours half way inbetween the two, i couldn't get a true colour of it really its a nice size too, worth putting on your wall!!!). .. .If you're reading this you probably clicked the link from OWOH, if you don't know what on earth i'm going on about head over there and have a read the link is at the top! :)

Thanks for stopping by!! 

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Share the Joy. . .

Its Thursday, not the most joyful of days, I have work to do and things to rush around for. . . I want to relax.

However I thought to the weekend, a drive out to blackpool beach, it was a ghost town. In the winter in the dark blackpool beach is one of the more deserted pieces of English coastline. Bleak dark and windswept, the spray washing in from the water. . . whole roads upturned by various road improvements. Endless empty run down bed and breakfasts all along the front. Despite this it was something completely different and something so completely fun.

Unfortunately due to a phone without a flash I have no pictures. . .but i have some other little joys to share. 

A Starfish on Bawdsey Beach when the tide had washed right out.

Some sweets i found at the range. . some of them are sad, but the happy ones make up for that!

A painting of a frog I did for a friend. . . green is my favourite colour.