Tuesday, 25 January 2011


At the weekend we took a drive to Snape Maltings, a magical place where a sandwich costs you £5.00 and they have mugs that are handmade and spotty and textured that are to expensive for even the queen. 

We wandered and trawled and poked and searched and we found a beautiful shop full of antiques. It had a section for vintage 1950's and 60's clothing, and they were beautiful.

A whole row of wedding dresses, all lace, all huge, all extravagant. 

A whole shelf of bags, all in fashion now, all for around £30, all beautiful.

A whole stack of hats, and scarf's all fantastic, all with signs clearly reading "ask before you try"

. . .and then upstairs, what got me more than anything were these.

Imagine where these have been? How well travelled these are, what they have seen? A war? A country house? A bombing? A holiday to the beach? Have they been abroad, doubtful, but I could take them. It reminded me of this -

I wish the world was flat like the old days
then I could travel just by folding a map
no more airplanes, or speedtrains, or freeways
there'd be no distance that can hold us back.

Not expensive, from £25.00, but with no money in my bank i admitted defeat and didn't come away with a case. . .a beautiful leather case. 

I love them.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Love come save me . . .

So I'm feeling sorry for myself today. . .i'm unsure why! Either way i did these last night. . i like the bubbles. . .bubbly! :)

A few Christmases ago, i'd like to point out however sad, it wasn't that long ago a few years maybe! Well i got one of those "Paint your own cup" kinda thing. So on Christmas day there i was up the table painting this bloody mug. I painted a girl on one side of the handle and on the other side of the handle i painted a tree and a dog. I then added the girl holding the kite and it stretching all the way around the mug and getting stuck in the tree on the other side as the dog looked up at it longingly. I miss that mug, it got washed so many times the paint started to chip off and eventually it got smashed in the same way that any mug you actually like gets smashed. I'll be honest it sounds like it was a nice mug. .. it was but not because it was good, it looked like a three year old had painted it. Either way this kite girl is in memory of my long lost mug! 

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

For the Sunday Creative

Extending Shadows -

I took it a while ago and thought it fitted the theme. - Dark room photography very can be exciting, taken by me, film processed by me and photograph developed by me! Wow we are living in the stone age with this one.

Have you got 70p for the bus mate?

So me and my cousin, who has been my best friend since I was born and will remain to be this person for the rest of my life – well anyway, me and my cousin went out last night for a sociable drink and a night of dancing and talking and laughing and running around and losing each other and finding each other and feeling worse for wear in the morning. As always Monday nights in our little home town are cheap. . .ish, and are full of the types of people that listen to “rock music” only occasionally but on a Monday its their life. - Rock night, it is THE night. However over the years less and less so called “rock” music is played and its more. . .popular music – That’s “Pop Music” to you and me and the other guy. Well anyway we were busy “whipping” our hair back and forth to the tones of our Willow Smith (or not I can't remember, but we were definitely get the hair whip out) when we came up with a new way to make friends. Me and my Cousin are all about making friends, and we do it in unusual and funky, fresh and wacky new ways each time. We learnt from some good friends a nice one - “Is that your car mate?” said in a “Chavy” voice and adding vowel sounds into the words, so car becomes caaar and mate becomes maaaate is a winner for new friends. It goes normally something along the lines of.

Is thaaat youurr caaar maaattee??” (said to random person whist pointing at something that definitely doesn't resemble a car, perhaps their drink, or their shoes)
Is it dooeee?”
Is it bruuv?”
Huh?? I can't hear what your saying”
Well – needless to say, however fun, we have not yet made a friend this way. Although once last year we met someone who was out on his birthday dressed up as a banana and found out that the banana was in fact, NOT his car. (It was his banana costume) He told us this with great deal reassurance.
The new way that we came up with to make friends is a similar one. Its better, it starts a conversation however. . .fleeting for a brief second you feel “cool” well here it goes “Haave you got 70p for the bus maate?” - It works best whilst looking down wearing a hoody and talking in a low “chavy” Ipswich voice. How fun!!
Someone definitely screamed at me “PEASENT WAGON” and ran off, however offensive for those of us who may on occasion take a bus. . .i found this to be funny and it probably made my night.
That’s all I have to say on the matter.  I leave you with this photo of a cat bus from the film "totoro" which if you haven't seen just go and watch it, its fantastic.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Painty Painty Painty

So I have had a busy busy busy week, I’m not sure doing what, its just gone so quickly and so busily. Last weekend was spent out and out and out and out, and then this weekend was spent out and out and out and out, and then the week just kind of ended up. . . zooming by and before I knew where I was it was Friday. Although this is never a bad thing when its work you are “looking forward to” every day!

I have been up since five today. . . yes five!! FIVE!! I didn't know that five in the morning even existed. . . it does, I have seen it and its definitely not pretty and definitely not something I want to see again any time soon. At that time in the morning everything feels colder, and everything is dark, and its that kind of quiet, not the peaceful “oh its really nice and quiet” kind of quiet, more the “Oh my god!! Its so quiet I’m scared, perhaps zombies have taken over the world while I have been asleep and now there is no one else left in the world” that kind of quiet. Hmm. . .yes I have decided I do not enjoy five in the morning.

Well as I didn't have very much time to do anything super creative this week I wanted to share a painting I did a little while ago that has taken me a long time to complete. I think I'm proud – you might like it if you like Mixed Beans! :):):)

Friday, 14 January 2011

I have recently become completely obsessed by this website - http://thepioneerwoman.com/
I think its my new dream
Her dream, is now my dream.
However she didn't even know it was her dream untill after it had happened, however she is living in a dream world, be it the dream, her dream, a dream, its most definately some kind of dream.
I said to my friend yesterday that i could defiantely do the ranch lifestyle, i have the boots. The £100 real deal, wrangler boots, the tanned leather, stocky heal, stitched detail, rouched up, mid-calf high real deal cowboy boots. The dream.
Money well spent or not depending on how you might look at it. I remember looking through an independent shoe shop in Norwich maybe three or four years ago, i can't quite remember when it was, anyway looking through this shoe shop from heaven i saw them in all their tanned leather cow-boy glory and they had to be mine. I can't remember if they were brought for me, or if by some mad twist of fate i happened to have £100 of my own that day despite being at sixth form and working part time as a cleaner. Either way, since then i have probably worn them around twenty times, twice being to themed cowboy fancy dress parties. - Unfortunately for me, i am no cowgirl, thats a fact, and lets face it, they just don't go with anything, or look right on my stubby legs, they don't make me cool, or trendy, or better than anyone. I think i look like i might be trying to hard. I mean you can't go wrong with trainers -

However, and as i said to my friend, we could go to America, and i truely beleive that perhaps this time next year we will be in America driving around in a beat up old ford sleeping out of the back of mail trucks and abandoned train carridges, but making our way to the wild outback, the stretching terrain, the nothingness, the ranches. Then, and only then, will i be able to wear my boots and feel like the real deal! 100% cowgirl and nothing less.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


So in order to stop myself from emailing everyone I have ever met about a bunch of stuff that they don't care about, I am here.

I'm working on a sort of art book, journal, type thing. . .I'm probably going to give it away when it is complete, I have so many of them cluttering up my life. Its not clutter as such, but when you just have so much art dating back to school you start to question if you really need that painting of a dog you did when you were in year seven. I don't think I need any of it any more, I enjoy it when I'm working on it, and i love that some people appreciate it more than I do, therefore I will give it to people that appreciate it.

I think that's wise.

This isn't a good photo, but I'm doing some water colour bits in it, I like this boat. . .I want something like this as a tattoo.

The boat idea was something that came to me when listening to a band I was introduced to, and now I can't turn it off, its "Right Away Great Capitan" and its really fantastic. - Listen it might change your life.

This is another page, tree. . i like green! Although I don't like this so much, mind you its all a work in progress, its not meant to be perfect.

Monday, 10 January 2011

When the snow was here

I thought i was share with you. . .this is a photo I took of Felixstowe Beach in the snow

This is another one, they have a lake their for like. . .bumper cars, but boats, obviously it was not on this day. In the summer when i was little i always remember them being there, i haven't seen them for years and despite living close my entire life i have and probably never will go on these rubber bumper boats. 

I had also never seen the seaside in a thick snow, that is why i decided to drive down their for the sunrise. It was cloudy, but it was still nice, the drive on the other hand was frightening, none of the roads had been gritted and my little red car disagreed with it. 

This is one i took in the town. . .i like it. Here if you want to look at a bunch of my other mediocre photography and painting - http://rushoholic.deviantart.com/

Thursday, 6 January 2011


I can't belive Christmas is over, its been so busy and its just been stressful and manic but super super good fun.
This Christmas was the best Christmas so far, it was full of much laughter and alcohol and presents and food and just general good times. I'm already looking forward to next year, I have had a fantastic week or so off from work just doing not that much but finding myself over the top busy. Joe came to visit me over new year and we made a fort and regressed to a better time when all you needed to have a fun was a bunch of colourful materials, fairy lights and some pegs! 

We found it was still all we needed to have fun, people get to bogged down with the money and having stuff. I'll be honest, we did take the laptop in and watch alot of Johnathons Creek which i got given for Christmas - I was in mystery heaven - We had alot of fun, we lived in the fort for four days and i was everso sad to take it down and i was even more sad to say goodbye.
I finally finished my university work and submitted it at the very last minute. . .i was up untill stupid o'clock feeling ill and sorry for myself editing and re-writing and cutting out words until i was happy, i'm still not happy but it had to go and now its gone i feel releived but super nervous.
Times are a-changing -
 Really they are, in the last six months i feel as though i'm a completely different person, or more like the same person i was when i turned19 rather than this new 21 and a half year old version of myself. I must perfer the 19 year old version of me, happier, carefreeier, betterer. Yeah!
I'm very excited, Joe and I leave in 5 months (if you don't count Januaray) we are going for just under four months but part of me just really doesn't want to come back - I don't think I will. :)