Thursday, 2 December 2010


So its just been a real hectic type of week really.

I have been into work every day which is good. .. but on Tuesday the snow was really bad so i asked to go home in the light, bear in mind it takes me a good forty minutes on a good day to drive home. I was told i wasn't allowed, like a school child. It was really poor show i felt.

Anyway, i woke up this morning with a text from my Dad telling me to definitely stay in. . .don't even try to leave. I look out my window and we are definitely under snow!! Bad times.

So naturally i think. . yeah i need the money I'll probably go in anyway. However several traffic and weather warnings on the local news meant i thought better of it. I'm glad i did. A girl i know from Ipswich made the same journey as me, it took her an hour and half just to get off the slip road. .. bad times.

I came into town though, i couldn't bear to sit at home all day and not do anything i'd go mad. I took some photos on the way, i thought " yeah I'll definitely get some really nice pictures in the snow" however, they are all just. .. white. . .so not that great. I thought about going to the beach, its not far and one thing i have never seen is the beach covered in snow. But i kind of thought. .. its not a necessary journey. . .so probably wise not to do that seeing as its still snowing. I also thought, i would drive there. . .and get stuck, or the snow woudn't of settled on the sand! That's what i want to see, snowy sand. . .amazing!

Anyway so yeah i'm at the library y'no trying to work. . .but instead i'm on the computer. . .umm very good of me! I'm just unmotivated to work y'no.

I did start writting a story about like. . .a girl and some snow, its pretty much as far as its got, she needs a lift somewhere! Yeah the story line isn't good yet. Perhaps it will be.

I have a headache.

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