Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Love come save me . . .

So I'm feeling sorry for myself today. . .i'm unsure why! Either way i did these last night. . i like the bubbles. . .bubbly! :)

A few Christmases ago, i'd like to point out however sad, it wasn't that long ago a few years maybe! Well i got one of those "Paint your own cup" kinda thing. So on Christmas day there i was up the table painting this bloody mug. I painted a girl on one side of the handle and on the other side of the handle i painted a tree and a dog. I then added the girl holding the kite and it stretching all the way around the mug and getting stuck in the tree on the other side as the dog looked up at it longingly. I miss that mug, it got washed so many times the paint started to chip off and eventually it got smashed in the same way that any mug you actually like gets smashed. I'll be honest it sounds like it was a nice mug. .. it was but not because it was good, it looked like a three year old had painted it. Either way this kite girl is in memory of my long lost mug! 

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