Thursday, 3 February 2011

Share the Joy. . .

Its Thursday, not the most joyful of days, I have work to do and things to rush around for. . . I want to relax.

However I thought to the weekend, a drive out to blackpool beach, it was a ghost town. In the winter in the dark blackpool beach is one of the more deserted pieces of English coastline. Bleak dark and windswept, the spray washing in from the water. . . whole roads upturned by various road improvements. Endless empty run down bed and breakfasts all along the front. Despite this it was something completely different and something so completely fun.

Unfortunately due to a phone without a flash I have no pictures. . .but i have some other little joys to share. 

A Starfish on Bawdsey Beach when the tide had washed right out.

Some sweets i found at the range. . some of them are sad, but the happy ones make up for that!

A painting of a frog I did for a friend. . . green is my favourite colour.


Meri said...

I would be so excited to find a starfish on the beach -- there was a little cove on the Pacific where my family used to spend an occasional week in the summer. There were forested camp sites a quarter mile or so inland and a beautiful beach. The rough hills forming the north and south sides of the cove had lots of starfish at their sandy edges when the tide went out, many of them quite colorful and with more than five arms and legs. It was always a highlight of the trip to see them.

Kim Mailhot said...

Sweet joys indeed ! Treats from the Universe and so well appreciated. Thanks for sharing them with us today!

gemma said...

Great description of the dark and windswept beach.