Tuesday, 29 March 2011

It was one hell of a grey day. . .

So the last week or so has felt like a nightmare. Kind of like this – Grey and miserable. I had one of those weekends, y'no the sort. Where you are miserable, utterly miserable.

Its okay now.

It wasn't.

But now it is.

I hung some lights in my room and burnt a candle that smelt of strawberry butter-cream and I felt better.

So for the last three weeks I’ve felt slightly “under the weather” and I got all ill last week and was working at the Hobby Craft show at the Birmingham NEC, and we stayed in the Hilton, all be it very posh the air conditioning in the room, and the constant dry-ness of the NEC really made me feel terrible. My feet had never hurt so much, and I woke up every morning with puffy eyes and a headache (Perhaps that was all the red wine)

Well it finally struck me what it is that is making me snuffly and puffy eyed at home. . .. yes I’m allergic to cats! I feel like I have hay fever, but there is a low pollen count. . .and Its only started happening since I moved in with the cats. . .so yes, I’m living with cats, and I’m allergic. Wish me luck!

Here’s one of the little gems now, look at him his name is Theodor and he enjoys small spaces, like the back of my bed, the bottom of my wardrobe, my washing basket, Angels washing basket, the washing machine, and this bag.

. . . .The other one, well his name is Freaky and its fitting. He is the only cat I have ever heard of that will not drink from a bowl, he stands by the tap (its unhygienic I may add) and licks it until you turn the water on. If we didn't do this, he would be thirsty always.


Bella Michelle said...

We are having a grey day here today and supposedly for the next few days! I was so enjoying out little trip into Spring that I feel less than enthused. Hope you find some sunshine (and allergy relief) quickly!

Hopped over from Daphne's Wordless Wednesday to say hi!

daphne (flip flops and pearls) said...

Mercy, I could have just taken that picture...
it is storming here!

Love your kitty:)

Thanks for linking up today,