Wednesday, 1 June 2011

So its been a while

Its been a while.

Well life has sure caught up with me.

Remember that list i was working through. . . its getting smaller. . .but its still pretty big. Are you ready? I know i'm not.

Yup that final assignment still needs completeing. Its in for Thursday and I still have to write a commentary and decide on my final peices. Wish me luck!!

So with all of that, which isn't as easy as the list makes it look, I have been trying to live my life, as a poor person trying to save every last penny. Notice this train journey trying to figure out if we had enough money for a drink. (We did! It was the happiest day)

Angel and had a day off work together, which NEVER happens, we had a gig to go to but decided to make the most of the day, we sure did.

We drank starbucks. . .twice, its always the dream.

We went to Christchurch mansion, which is the free stately home in our local park. We had been round stacks of time before but to our surprise the ballet is coming to town and they had a bunch of old costumes from the ballet of Beatrix Potter all set up around the mansion.

At first it was shock, but there were so many of them we got kinda used to it, and after a while we couldn't imagine the 16th century without Peter rabbit.

We drove up to London to the o2 arena, which is better than it was when it was the millenium dome. We watched our favourite band of all time - Rush - If you havn't already heard go listen to our trio of ledgends, they will change your life with their super awsome talent.

Yes that is a light up flashing sign telling us where to park

and yes we were that far back, there were fireworks, there was smoke, and fire, and bangs and . . .  Time Machines.

Well it was the Time Machine Tour after all. 



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