Thursday, 16 June 2011

So its come around

Well my to do list is definitely a lot shorter. So it should be considering I fly out on Tuesday!! I know right? I can't believe it either.

So it was my last day at my job last Friday, my last day in that place I had become so comfortable with and i'm already worrying about what I'm going to do when i get back! Its been completely weird not working, i havn't got board yet, and to be honest i could get used to this not working business, y'no if i had money. :)

So this week is the last week to do, just y'no anything. Angel and I spent the whole day in Starbucks yesterday and then played on the arcades at Felixstowe beach for the last time in four months, it was emotional.

And yes, thats how poor we are, trying to get money out of one of those unopening pots with a knife.. . .it does work, good trick! I'll miss that girl.

So i can't believe how much i am going to miss. Like my mothers birthday. The English coast line, i mean i know we will be in the Australia and New Zealand and who knows the coast better than that? But theres something about the English coast line, y'no. . . .its just home.

Like this Pinjatas that look at me every time i have been to asda for the last nine months. . . .every time i go i take a picture. . .i should probably buy one but i don't like the fact you have to fill them yourself. 

Wearing stacks of jewellery, i'm pretty sure i can't justify packing loads of it. . . 

Long train journeys with my Kindle. . . i'm guessing the flight may make up for a lack of this. 

The Jack Wills catalogue. . it turned up on my door about three weeks ago and i have looked longingly every day.

So we're doing a Skegness trip before i leave. . .and then thats it, i'm gone. I'm going to try and update my blog with pictures and stuff of what we're doing but i'm not making any promises. So if you don't hear from me for a while. . . well thats why and i'll sure be back.

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Meri said...

Sound's like this is going to be Dani's Excellent Adventure. I hope you can send us dispatches from the road. Safe journey, safe home.