Sunday, 31 October 2010


Yeah, today is halloween and all that!!

Properly rubbish because i forgot to buy any sweets and i'm feeling dead mean pretending not to hear the door. I can't sit in the front room with the lights on because they will know someone's home.

Its not that i don't have any sweets, its more that i want them for myself, and to be fair i brought them with the mind to take some photos of them and maybe one day do a shit painting. Sweets are not that interesting but these ones are from the range and they are called smiles, yeah that's right! Smiles, they are smiley and they made me smile when I picked them up!!

So I'm thinking i should probably be working or doing something more betterer as i have nothing interesting to say, but writing is writing and this is pretty much what my course is about! I think it counts.

So about a year ago i used to keep a blog really regularly, on some website like live journal or something gay. I'm pretty sure thats for gays, so i'm here now, although i was going to transfer the old stuff but i couldn't remember my password or user name or anything! I'm dead rubbish, it may have been longer than a year ago and is probably really not relevant any more, but at the time it was probably dead important. Someone on facebook put his new blog up and i am copying that really, i thought. . .yeah thats a good idea! So thats why, probably no one will read it, but its good practice writting, and spelling. yeaaaah. dead good!

I like this google crome it tells me every time i have made a spelling mistake, which is pretty much every two seconds so i feel like less of a retard!! Yeaaah.

Right this is gay, one day i'll write something worth reading, like about politics or the state of our country. Or i might just dribble on about a load of crap, either way it probably wont be worth reading.

However i'm gunna start writting a book, when i come up with some beautiful words i'll post them here!! Not just words, like lines or paragraphs, words that give you goosebumps, those words.


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