Monday, 1 November 2010

looking up to observe how these rockets pull the ride. . .

Its monday night and i'm bored.

I don't know overly what to do with myself now the evenings are so dark. Don't get me wrong i love the cold and wearing scarf's and the fact it feels like ten when its only seven, but its so different and i'm confused by it all.

I should be working or doing something good, but i can't concentrate, i think i have listened to the same song five times because it gets to the end and i realise i didn't actually listen to it or take it in at all, and the reason i put it on was because i love it! So i keep putting it back to the start over and over. Its cold, i'm cold but i can't be bothered to move.

I'm not excited about work tomorrow in any way. I want to stay in bed i think and moan about my life in my head. Its not bad in anyway, i'm just in a bad mood. It took me twenty minutes to park my car for work this morning, how shit is that!! Why are there never any spaces, and when there are spaces someone always blocks you in, the story of my life. . .shit.

I literally have nothing interesting to say, i'm going to birmingham this week to do hobby crafts, exciting! I'll talk about that soon, yeah that will be good.


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