Wednesday, 17 November 2010

17th November

So today i am missing the sea awfully.

Sitting in this office is so. . .landlocked i guess?

The weekend was dead good, y'no the times when the sea is dead dark. . . y'no cus its night! Well it was like that. Real late. . .and real dark, and real cold, like true winter. Winter is definitely coming, on Monday i scrapped the ice of the outside of my car, got in and turned on the fans in order to clear the condensation and realised it was not condensation, it was in fact. . .ice, yeah! Ice on the inside of my car. Winter is most definitely here.

I don't mind that though. I wrapped up warm, several layers, too many actually. I got a tattoo this week, and the tattooist actually said "What are you like. . . ." as if i was ten, and then commented that i was "probably a size eight under all of those layers" - I am not, but it would be nice.

I haven't done anything spectacular to put up here, nothing interesting or out of the ordinary. . .and although i said it i write something completely beautiful and amazing i would post it up, i have yet to write anything that's to a standard i would like to share. . .

even if no one is reading this!

yes well.


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