Monday, 29 November 2010

Jelly Beans and my week

I've had such a busy weeks its been really bad. . .like good but bad!!

On Tuesday I saw an old friend, someone I hadn't seen in ages, we regressed back to fifteen year old state and sat around listening to CKY drinking Jack Daniels like proper rock kids. It was good. . .it made me feel old. (I'm not)

I was up late most nights trying to get art done and get stuff mounted ready for my friends Fair, however it snowed that day so it was a bit quiet. . . and I stressed all week for no reason. .  .

Then my indicators stopped working, and the screen wash stopped working, and the toilet stopped working!! Disaster. . .I'm also very hard up for money right now so that makes it worse.

Although I've almost finished this -

I'm more than bored of it now.

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