Thursday, 6 January 2011


I can't belive Christmas is over, its been so busy and its just been stressful and manic but super super good fun.
This Christmas was the best Christmas so far, it was full of much laughter and alcohol and presents and food and just general good times. I'm already looking forward to next year, I have had a fantastic week or so off from work just doing not that much but finding myself over the top busy. Joe came to visit me over new year and we made a fort and regressed to a better time when all you needed to have a fun was a bunch of colourful materials, fairy lights and some pegs! 

We found it was still all we needed to have fun, people get to bogged down with the money and having stuff. I'll be honest, we did take the laptop in and watch alot of Johnathons Creek which i got given for Christmas - I was in mystery heaven - We had alot of fun, we lived in the fort for four days and i was everso sad to take it down and i was even more sad to say goodbye.
I finally finished my university work and submitted it at the very last minute. . .i was up untill stupid o'clock feeling ill and sorry for myself editing and re-writing and cutting out words until i was happy, i'm still not happy but it had to go and now its gone i feel releived but super nervous.
Times are a-changing -
 Really they are, in the last six months i feel as though i'm a completely different person, or more like the same person i was when i turned19 rather than this new 21 and a half year old version of myself. I must perfer the 19 year old version of me, happier, carefreeier, betterer. Yeah!
I'm very excited, Joe and I leave in 5 months (if you don't count Januaray) we are going for just under four months but part of me just really doesn't want to come back - I don't think I will. :)

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