Monday, 10 January 2011

When the snow was here

I thought i was share with you. . .this is a photo I took of Felixstowe Beach in the snow

This is another one, they have a lake their for like. . .bumper cars, but boats, obviously it was not on this day. In the summer when i was little i always remember them being there, i haven't seen them for years and despite living close my entire life i have and probably never will go on these rubber bumper boats. 

I had also never seen the seaside in a thick snow, that is why i decided to drive down their for the sunrise. It was cloudy, but it was still nice, the drive on the other hand was frightening, none of the roads had been gritted and my little red car disagreed with it. 

This is one i took in the town. . .i like it. Here if you want to look at a bunch of my other mediocre photography and painting -


Missy said...

Great pictures!

Dani said...

Thankyou!! :):)