Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Have you got 70p for the bus mate?

So me and my cousin, who has been my best friend since I was born and will remain to be this person for the rest of my life – well anyway, me and my cousin went out last night for a sociable drink and a night of dancing and talking and laughing and running around and losing each other and finding each other and feeling worse for wear in the morning. As always Monday nights in our little home town are cheap. . .ish, and are full of the types of people that listen to “rock music” only occasionally but on a Monday its their life. - Rock night, it is THE night. However over the years less and less so called “rock” music is played and its more. . .popular music – That’s “Pop Music” to you and me and the other guy. Well anyway we were busy “whipping” our hair back and forth to the tones of our Willow Smith (or not I can't remember, but we were definitely get the hair whip out) when we came up with a new way to make friends. Me and my Cousin are all about making friends, and we do it in unusual and funky, fresh and wacky new ways each time. We learnt from some good friends a nice one - “Is that your car mate?” said in a “Chavy” voice and adding vowel sounds into the words, so car becomes caaar and mate becomes maaaate is a winner for new friends. It goes normally something along the lines of.

Is thaaat youurr caaar maaattee??” (said to random person whist pointing at something that definitely doesn't resemble a car, perhaps their drink, or their shoes)
Is it dooeee?”
Is it bruuv?”
Huh?? I can't hear what your saying”
Well – needless to say, however fun, we have not yet made a friend this way. Although once last year we met someone who was out on his birthday dressed up as a banana and found out that the banana was in fact, NOT his car. (It was his banana costume) He told us this with great deal reassurance.
The new way that we came up with to make friends is a similar one. Its better, it starts a conversation however. . .fleeting for a brief second you feel “cool” well here it goes “Haave you got 70p for the bus maate?” - It works best whilst looking down wearing a hoody and talking in a low “chavy” Ipswich voice. How fun!!
Someone definitely screamed at me “PEASENT WAGON” and ran off, however offensive for those of us who may on occasion take a bus. . .i found this to be funny and it probably made my night.
That’s all I have to say on the matter.  I leave you with this photo of a cat bus from the film "totoro" which if you haven't seen just go and watch it, its fantastic.

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