Monday, 17 January 2011

Painty Painty Painty

So I have had a busy busy busy week, I’m not sure doing what, its just gone so quickly and so busily. Last weekend was spent out and out and out and out, and then this weekend was spent out and out and out and out, and then the week just kind of ended up. . . zooming by and before I knew where I was it was Friday. Although this is never a bad thing when its work you are “looking forward to” every day!

I have been up since five today. . . yes five!! FIVE!! I didn't know that five in the morning even existed. . . it does, I have seen it and its definitely not pretty and definitely not something I want to see again any time soon. At that time in the morning everything feels colder, and everything is dark, and its that kind of quiet, not the peaceful “oh its really nice and quiet” kind of quiet, more the “Oh my god!! Its so quiet I’m scared, perhaps zombies have taken over the world while I have been asleep and now there is no one else left in the world” that kind of quiet. Hmm. . .yes I have decided I do not enjoy five in the morning.

Well as I didn't have very much time to do anything super creative this week I wanted to share a painting I did a little while ago that has taken me a long time to complete. I think I'm proud – you might like it if you like Mixed Beans! :):):)


Sloane said...

I LOVE 5 in the morning! I woke up on my own at 5:02 today. I was never a morning person and I can't say exactly when it changed but now I am all about the morning. I get up at 5 b/c I don't have to be at work until 8 so that gives me time to do something strickly for ME before heading out into the world.Sorry you didn't like it as much as me...maybe I have some zombie in me!

B @ Sweet Limes said...

I'm always up by 5. I have the sweetest little alarm clock that sometimes comes and snuggles and sometimes comes and tugs on my arm. Isn't it amazing what you can do when you're up that early?

Beautiful painting, it just dropped my jaw.

Dani said...


Both of you have brilliant 5 O'clock in the morning stories. I'm jealous, I woke up and just continued to moan and and complain and feel sorry for myself.

I have experienced this sort of alarm clock, it is definitely the best kind. However it get a much warmer welcome at seven than it does at five!! :)

Thank you so much for the compliment on my painting, a lot of work went into it so its nice to hear that you like it.

dthaase said...

wow - well captured

Dani said...

Thankyou! :)