Friday, 11 March 2011


Its hard to be joyful, I mean there is so much disaster going on around us right now!

But yesterday I was in Asda buying dry shampoo because my hair was a oily mess. . . (I do wash it, honest. . . ) and i saw this.

It was a row of Piñatas, as you can see, and in the middle there, a little zebra piñatas, who ever heard of a zebra piñatas!?! Well I thought it looked cute in the middle, and for a short time it made me smile. There is also something quite fun about standing in a super marketing isle talking a photo of something. . . people do give you funny looks. . .especially when you are taking pictures of piñatas!

Also i brought some hair dye. . .for my oily hair, and it made me happy because it was reduced to just £3, that’s a steal! :)

Yesterday was a good day for me actually. . . .i got my marks back for my poetry assignment and its the highest one this year . . . . I think I’m proud of myself.

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