Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wow! Tuesday, how I wish I was the weekend. It seems these days the weekends go far quicker than they did a few years ago. I remember I never used to have a “weekend” as such, working Saturdays and sometimes even Sundays meaning I had two random days off each week, normally they weren't together! I missed weekends. . . now I have weekends, I still miss weekends, and I kind of miss them more. . .it feels like work work work and for the shortest time in the world to do something half decent. I realised recently how much time I spend in my car. At the weekend, to do anything a bit good, you tend to have to drive there first, to get to said good place. Be it close or far, its normally not walking distance. Then in the week its a forty/fifty minute drive to work, and then the same back again. . .wow!! To much time is spent in my car. This is depressing. I need a job closer to home, I used to miss the weekends when I worked in my home town, but now I miss the freedom of being able to walk to work. Okay, it wasn't great not last February, remember when the snow was really bad. . .don't get me wrong it was bad around Christmas too, and I must admit, driving in the snow was worse than walking in the snow. However, because I could walk into work, it meant i had to go. . .whereas all these driving people didn't have to! I did enjoy being one of the driving people this time round. . . . but then there’s the whole not getting paid fiasco. That didn't happen at my last job, it was a “If you are ill or you can't get in we will still pay you” but now its a “if you are ill or can't get in you get nothing” which is a nightmare. Luckily I’m a fairly healthy person. . . that’s good! I would hate to be sickly in this job.
Anyway I definitely digress. So there are few little gems I would like to share with you today! One is this super photography book, at work. . .okay more about work! Anyway, at work we have a little “Book Man” (I don't think he is really called book man but. . .that’s what he is called to me) So anyway, this little book man comes around and brings exciting books for cheap! This large hardback “everything you need to know ever ever about photography ever” style book was £20. . . the book man was selling it for £5, yes that’s right five English pounds. What a bargain I hear you shout! I know!! :)
Next is this, a friend's favourite book, it was lent it to me a while ago. . . well I say a while ago it was probably a year and a half ago. . .and it sat on my shelves surrounded by other books that I slowly worked my way through, and then next to new books I had brought and read before this. Until recently when moving house and sorting through my things I found it again. . . it had been read probably 100 times by my friend, and despite the fact that it was gift to him and on the first page has the words “In case you forget yours” written in faded fountain pen the kind you get at school, yes despite this fact, he still lent it to me! I had yet to read it. So yesterday I picked it up off the shelf and started reading it. - Wow exciting!
Okay so one of my other friends, he does all this t-shirt printing, printy printy! Its very nice and exciting! So at the stitches show a couple of weeks ago I saw this printer. . .yes that’s a printer! I wanted so badly to buy it. . . for the t-shirts (party for myself, I just want to print really big stuff onto material forever and ever) anyway, isn't it fantastic. I also saw a really really fancy embroidery machine, I didn't get a picture. . .but that was fantastic too, I watched it for hours like a fish tank, or a lava lamp. Except it was stitching! Wow, I want one of these too.
So I have moved in with my friend Angel, and if you have been reading you will know this. We have been getting crafty/messy/just-having-fun. Not only did we do some major DIY (hung some pictures) We made a collage of all the best photos of us (blue tacked them to the wall) – but its a impressive, its the entire wall. . .or at least it will be when its finished, all photos of us throughout the years, from babies to now! Its amazing. We also got our stock of paints and just went crazy on this canvas, this is what happened. Its not exactly good. . .but its huge, and it looks bright and we did put to much black on it and tried to brighten it up with the gold and the silver and I think it kind of worked, ish. . .well we are going to hang it above the sofa. . . It was just a bit of fun. People think we are mad, but I think we are special! :)

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