Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Not really all that wordless.

So, its Wednesday and the sun is shinning through the blinds in the office and boy do i want to be outside, and i'm a cold and rain lover. . .so you know its a good day when i want to go outside!!! Wow. . .i think its tanning weather, and i see the trees blowing, y'no that perfect amount of wind that takes the heat away. ..  .yeah its that.

Well, Wednesday means only one true day until the weekend, I don't count Friday, i try to be dead optimistic and say. . .yeah its Thursday and then a bit of Friday (pretty much the entire day but we don't think about that) and then Friday night its woooo weekend time! Yeah!

So anyway. . .its not all words, I do have some fantastic little pictures to share with you all. 

So it was mothers day at the weekend. . .and for the first time in my life i went to Bingo. . i didn't win. . . but i didn't expect too. I went with my mum, my aunt and my Nan. . . .none of us won. . . and people don't shout BINGO when they win! I was disappointed by this more than that fact that i didn't win. Anyway. . .because it was mothers day they have us a two layered box of thorn tons. . .i know right? They are good. . . .so i brought them to work because i ate three on Monday night and made myself feel sick. . . now they're making everyone else feel sick. 

The other thing i wanted to share was this little gem!! She is called  Hatty, and my good friend Adam is looking after her for his fiancée! Isn't she the cutest thing you have ever seen, when she eats her whole nose scrunches up. . . .i want one badly. 

The other thing was this, I told you all recently about our strange cat that will only drink from the tap. . .well here is the proof! :)

Have a great day and enjoy the sun (if its sunny where you are) Otherwise forget i said anything. .. i'm sure the sun will be coming your way soon. 


Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

Oh, I LOVE Hedgehogs!! I mean, a lot! Found you on Wordless Wednesday link...

Kristen said...

Love hedgehogs!!

I found you through the Paisley Passions blog hop and am now your newest follower. Can't wait to explore your blog some more.

Would love if you'd return the love at

Turning a House into a Home

Karen said...

Seriously amazing! I have never thought of hedgehogs until this year and now can't get enough of them!! Your blog is adorable and I'm glad I found it on the Wandering Wednesday hop...
of course, hoping you'll stop by and follow me back.

Eryl said...

Suddenly hedgehogs seem to be everywhere, I saw a fantastic photo of a tiny one on Pinterest the other day. Hatty is adorable and I don't blame you for wanting one, they're probably happier left to live in the wild though.

Came via Meri.

Kim Mailhot said...

Cute hedgehog !!!

My old cat George was a tap drinker ! I bought him a fountain that you put on the floor to replace his sink when I got married and my hubby wasn't so keen on cat litter paw marks in the sink. George went for it but would still visit the sink now and again, just to show the hubby who the boss was !
Thanks for your joy !

Meri said...

The hedgehog is so cute -- and my cats prefer to drink from the toilet, even if there's water in their bowls.

gemma said...

Yes that is the cutest little guy...and I love cats too so I'm smiling.

rebecca said...

who could possibly resist hatty? excuse me, but where do you live? i on my way with hatty love!!!

you both brought me jOY!