Friday, 15 April 2011

It's Friday, Friday!

Oh My Gosh! Can you believe its Friday?! I know right? Time is going so quickly. It seems like every post is "Wow can you believe its . .. . ..  already??" - Well I said to myself on my last post - You must update more - Unfortunately. . .it didn't happen and time got the best of me.

This week has been oh so hectic, I had an essay in for yesterday morning and yes i was working on it Wednesday night at half eleven. . . but I got it in. . .woooo. Although I’m unhappy with it. I had to write an autobiography, i know right? That should be easy for a "blogger" (i guess that’s what i am now). . .but my gosh was it a nightmare, trying to get literally techniques into a piece of writing that was ultimately, well. . . a blog. . .wowza, i might start putting heavy description every time i write my blog, like the feel of my keyboard or how bright my screen is haha, no don't worry I’ll try not to bore you to death.

Yes that's right, we went for a drink by the river and it was sunny sunny sunny, can you believe i got sunburnt (i know, me either) It was everso busy the grand national was on - my horse didn't win :(

I brought some sun cream. . .we had a beauty sale at work from one of those beauty magazines, and everything was being sold for £1. . i know what a bargain!! So i brought this £17.00 sun cream for a pound, thinking about it though, perhaps factor 15 is not high enough. Hehe.

I also returned home from work and Angel had completely our "cool wall" that’s a wall of the picture of all the super cool awsome people in our lives, its mostly just me and Angel, hehe, when people come round they think we are mad. However, there are a lucky few with there pictures on the wall. (the penguins were completely a couple of weeks by Angel entirely out of chalk, directly on the wall.. . .. i know!! Shes crazy good!)

This little gem is on the adjacent wall above the sofa, before i moved in Angel and I went crazy with a huge canvas and a bunch of paints, this was the outcome. . .what fun! Although i perhaps wouldn't buy it!

Have an awesome good weekend. . .soak up the rays, or the rain. . .depending on where you are. I plan to forget the fact i have another essay in for just under a month and have no money right now and just apply my £1 sun cream (I have to use it, if not its a waste of a pound, even if its probably not going to be sunny in England again until this time next year!!)


Kristen said...

Happy Friday to you! I can see your follow button now - yay!!

Have a great weekend!

Turning a House into a Home

Meri said...

Hmm -- where to start. 1) I hope it's sunny in England before the sun creme goes bad. 2) Glad you got the piece done. . . are you working on the next one? 3) The art piece is fun and personal. . . and can always be painted over for a new piece.

Sarah Kelly said...

I love the idea of the "cool wall"! So cute :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!