Tuesday, 19 April 2011

That Ruby Red Rabbit

So today, like all other days i'm searching for beautiful pictures of that wonderful place New Zealand. I came across this little beauty. Its not New Zealand. . . its definitely a rabbit, its a New Zealand Red. It got me thinking. . . .

Remeber Hatty - I sure do. . .there she is. Well it got me wondering would Hatty get on well with a New Zealand Red?

Hatty will never be mine. . . .but perhaps I can get one, to go with my New Zealand Red? I don't think they would make a happy couple though.

This is the one i want, not any other one. . .this one. . .  .

What about him?? Would they get on with him. . . hes so special he even has a little sign, he is trying to help. 

Umm. . . .this is becoming an issue/obsession. 

Someone help me. 


Kim, USA said...

Oh wow this is so cute!!

chubskulit said...


Ruby Tuesday at my page, come and see.

rebecca said...

i have complete, utterly over the moon hatty love!!!!

Sarah Kelly said...

They are so adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I've never heard zucchini called courgettes; that's so interesting!

Kristen said...

Such cute pictures! Is that a chinchilla at the bottom?

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