Friday, 14 January 2011

I have recently become completely obsessed by this website -
I think its my new dream
Her dream, is now my dream.
However she didn't even know it was her dream untill after it had happened, however she is living in a dream world, be it the dream, her dream, a dream, its most definately some kind of dream.
I said to my friend yesterday that i could defiantely do the ranch lifestyle, i have the boots. The £100 real deal, wrangler boots, the tanned leather, stocky heal, stitched detail, rouched up, mid-calf high real deal cowboy boots. The dream.
Money well spent or not depending on how you might look at it. I remember looking through an independent shoe shop in Norwich maybe three or four years ago, i can't quite remember when it was, anyway looking through this shoe shop from heaven i saw them in all their tanned leather cow-boy glory and they had to be mine. I can't remember if they were brought for me, or if by some mad twist of fate i happened to have £100 of my own that day despite being at sixth form and working part time as a cleaner. Either way, since then i have probably worn them around twenty times, twice being to themed cowboy fancy dress parties. - Unfortunately for me, i am no cowgirl, thats a fact, and lets face it, they just don't go with anything, or look right on my stubby legs, they don't make me cool, or trendy, or better than anyone. I think i look like i might be trying to hard. I mean you can't go wrong with trainers -

However, and as i said to my friend, we could go to America, and i truely beleive that perhaps this time next year we will be in America driving around in a beat up old ford sleeping out of the back of mail trucks and abandoned train carridges, but making our way to the wild outback, the stretching terrain, the nothingness, the ranches. Then, and only then, will i be able to wear my boots and feel like the real deal! 100% cowgirl and nothing less.

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